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Events and Community Outreach

We are a local community funded non-profit that have a passion for young and the elderly. 15 years ago I wanted to teach my kids compassion, understanding, unconditional love. My sisters and I  started Collecting back packs for homeless during August, delivering Christmas Stocking to homeless shelters, and residents in long term care. On Mother day we would have kids make homemade cards and we deliver fresh flowers, and on Fathers Day we deliver cards, new socks or small stuff animals to residents in Long term care.   Our kids were in sports and my son rode Bikes and was an Mx rider . My son had made it to an national and we had to come up with a fund raising idea, my daughter said mom lets do an Easter Egg Hunt Fund raiser. I love Easter so i said lets try it. That Easter event was a success and due to the Easter Event we become a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit.


Bike Raffle

Each Year we raffle a new  bike 100% of proceeds go to assist local youth with  Motorcycle training and safety,  protective  gear,  entry fees, and travel expenses.


Easter Egg Hunt

Each Year we do a huge community Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser and Auction  funds raised go to provide financial support for youth to participate in sports and outdoor activities. We also Provide Easter Baskets to children in local shelters


Fun In Sun Event 

In the Summer we do carnival themed event and auction 100% of  money raised goes to purchase back packs, new shoes, and other items requested by schools. We delivery directly to the school districts 

Holiday Outreach

Through Business and Community Support we provide Food Baskets on Thanksgiving. For Christmas we fill stocking/ backpacks with new toys, hygiene items ,new gloves and hats, flash drives, and candy. This Outreach is for low-income, unhoused Youth, and children of families in recovery

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Elderly Gifts

During Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day. Local youth make home made cards and hand out gifts, We provide throw blankets, flowers and socks , hand held radios, stuff toys. This is made possible by local members of our community!! We do this so no one is forgotten in long term care homes.

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Woodland Park Zoo

We participate Woodland Park Zoo ’s Community Access Program (CAP) which is dedicated to making the zoo more accessible to low-income, at-risk or underserved children and families in our shared community. The program is to set up to teach conservation and empathy for wildlife

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